Issue XCVI

21 OCT 2016

About Us


What is this Website

T2xxflagc is a website that demonstrates how more than one account of a news event may result in what appears to be descriptions of different events. These differences may be accidental, on purpose, or simply a demonstration of how each eyewitness may see one event differently

There are four goals of this Website:

  1. To raise reader awareness that there is more than one view of a news event
  2. To demonstrate that there are inconsistencies reporting one event when multiple sources are referenced
  3. To help the reader become open to contrasting opinions of an event
  4. To provide the reader with the opportunity to determine whether the 1st reporting, the 2nd reporting, or some mixture of reportings may best represent the event


Please check back to the website daily to review newly posted articles

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How Does It Work


Each day, the website will locate and display found articles in the following categories:

International, National, Sports, Arts, Local, About Us, This Day in History

Articles are sourced from a changing group of websites.  Today's sources include: Washington Post, Mirror News, LA Times,, News Record, NY Post,, ESPN, Las Vegas Informer, NY Observer, Commercial Appeal, American Postal Workers Union

Selected articles do not fall into traditional categories of North Vs. South, Liberal Vs. Conservative or Friend Vs. Foe

Two stories (a NewsPair) are placed side by side, in each category, with their original Photo, Title and Content 

The reader is invited to read the NewsPair to sense how the news event was reported

Each NewsPair demonstrates small or significant variations in the reporting of the event

At the bottom of each story is a 'Read More' link back to the original site for more reading, or to satisfy the curiosity of the reader regarding the source or author of the article

Below the 'Read More' link, take a look at older NewsPairs that appeared in that category